Professor Moe Morris

Black Belt

Professor Marvin (Moe) Morris is a 1st Degree Black Belt under Professor David Rosenmarkle. Moe has studied martial arts for the past 20 years; he started with TKD, Karate, and Hapkido. In 2009 while serving in the armed forces he was stationed in Okinawa Japan and began training BJJ and has dedicated the last 11 years studying the “gentle art”. His favourite thing about jiu-jitsu its ability to bring out the best in people, help them quiet their minds and rediscover themselves as strong confident members of a new family. “I love seeing students find their unique understanding of a technique and truly make it a part of who they are”. You can find Professor Moe training in the academy with his son Jibril, and sharing his knowledge on Wednesday nights GB2 and No-Gi sessions.

Coach Ian Sheehan

Brown Belt

Proud father of two boys (who also train jiu jitsu) Coach Ian started the Gracie Barra Newmarket academy to bring top quality jiu jitsu to the area. A brown belt under regional director and fourth degree blackbelt Professor Victor Estima, Ian is a lifelong martial artist and ex US military. In short he’s a badass.

A keen competitor, Ian likes to keep his skills sharp and regularly enters BJJ tournaments. There is a lot of metal in his shoe-box full of medals. He encourages everyone to compete as it adds another dimension to BJJ training. “Many people shy away from the idea of competing, but through the adversity of competition, we have the greatest opportunity to learn who we truly are”. Coach Ian leads the Friday GB2 and Study Hall sessions.

Coach Andy
Coach Andy Collier

Blue Belt

Before devoting himself to jiu jitsu Andy trained MMA for several years. When his knowledge of jiu jitsu saved his life in a knife attack, he decided he wanted to be a coach and give as many people as possible the opportunity to learn this fantastic martial art. Coach Andy leads the Monday evening fundamentals class.