“It can be very daunting approaching club on your own, but I was made to feel very welcomed. The team is very friendly, with coaches that are knowledgable and approachable!”

Tannith HoldbrookTraining for 2 years. Blue belt.

“I love it. Great people, great instructors, and great sport. My son has also started training in the kids class and he says it is brilliant.”

Arek Trepner (and Alex!)Training for 2 years. Blue belt.

“I have been training with GB Newmarket now for 7 months and all I can say is I wish I had started much earlier. I enjoy all sports but Jiu Jitsu fulfils me physically and mentally. It’s so much fun and a real journey. And to top it off I have never met such a diverse group of people so willing and happy to help you.

Whether you’re looking for self defence, to keep fit, or just make new friends, this is the place to be.”

Steve LivettTraining 7 months. White belt.